Why might an interventional endoscopy be needed?

An emergency endoscopy may be needed for severe upper or lower gastrointestinal bleeding due to certain medications, portal hypertension, bleeding in the stomach due to the rupture of a lesion, ulcer or fistula. Other than gastrointestinal bleeding, an emergency gastroscopy or colonoscopy may be needed for an obstruction in the oesophagus, foreign body removal or ingestions of caustic or corrosive chemicals.

Why would an endoscope be used for these emergencies?
Because an endoscopy requires no surgical incisions, an endoscope can be used to find the cause of bleeding and treat the issue endoscopically using small surgical tools that are passed through the endoscope without making larger incisions. For obstructions, an endoscopy may be used to inflate the oesophagus or colon to remove the obstruction with less invasive surgery while chemicals may be pumped out the body with an endoscope.


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